Home Assistant Core

Integration Key: homeAssistant

The Home Assistant Coreopen in new window integration shares data with the home automation software over MQTTopen in new window.



Running on Home Assistant OS? If you are also using the MQTT server add-on room-assistant will automatically pick up the correct credentials - no configuration needed!

You will need to setup an MQTT broker that both your instance of Home Assistant Core and all instances of room-assistant can connect to. If you are using Home Assistant OS you can install the official mosquitto add-onopen in new window to get started quickly.

room-assistant makes use of the MQTT auto discoveryopen in new window features provided by Home Assistant Core to automatically create all entities for you. It is strongly recommended that you enable this feature when setting up the MQTT integration in Home Assistant Core.


mqttUrlStringmqtt://localhost:1883Connection string for your MQTT broker.
mqttOptionsMQTT OptionsAdditional options for the MQTT connection.
sendAttributesBooleantrueWhether entity attributes should be forwarded to Home Assistant or not. May be disabled to reduce the number of messages that Home Assistant needs to process.
sendMqttRoomBooleanfalseWhether entities with distances should publish them in the MQTT Room integrationopen in new window format or not.
discoveryPrefixStringhomeassistantThe prefix for the discovery topic that Home Assistant will watch.
mqttRoomPrefixStringroom-assistant/mqtt-roomThe topic prefix that will be used for the MQTT Roomopen in new window messages, should match state_topic in Home Assistant.

MQTT Options

usernameStringUsername for authentication
passwordStringPassword for authentication
rejectUnauthorizedBooleantrueWhether MQTTS connections should fail for invalid certificates or not. Set this to false if you are using a self-signed certificate and connect via TLS.

Some of these settings may also be configured as environment variables, using RA_HOME_ASSISTANT_MQTT_URL, RA_HOME_ASSISTANT_MQTT_USERNAME and RA_HOME_ASSISTANT_MQTT_PASSWORD.

Example Config
    - homeAssistant
  mqttUrl: mqtt://homeassistant.local:1883
    username: youruser
    password: yourpass
  discoveryPrefix: homeassistant