room-assistant ships with multiple integrations that you can pick and choose from to get the functionality that you require. You enable the components by adding their respective integration keys to the global.integrations list.

Home Automation


Looking for a way to integrate OpenHAB? You can use the Home Assistant Core integration together with the Home Assistant OpenHAB Bindingopen in new window.

IntegrationSupported entities
Home Assistant CoreAll

Presence Detection

IntegrationRefresh rateProvided dataDistributed
Bluetooth Low Energyup to 100msLocation, distanceYes
Bluetooth Classic6sLocationYes
Omron D6T250msLocations within FOVNo
Grid-EYE1sLocations within FOVNo


IntegrationSupported entities
GPIOBinary sensors
ShellBinary sensors
Xiaomi MiTemperature, humidity, etc sensors